Spunbond, MeltBlown , Nonwoven - Disposable Fabric Face Covering Craft DIY Kit 1M 5M 10M 20M

Fibre Content

Width of MeltBlown Fabric is : 17.5 cm
Length is : 1m / 5cm/ 10cm/ 20cm
Pick the length you want .

DIY full set of material pack : ear band + nose bridge strip + 3 layers of nonwoven fabric
Width: 17.5cm/6.88"   nonwoven Fabric Face Coverings

The Three Layers of non woven Fabric

Water-blocking layer (outermost layer): effectively block droplets
Meltblown layer (intermediate layer): filtration and electrostatic capable, core layer, filter more than 90% of fine particles .
Skin-friendly layer (innest layer): comfortable to skin, spunbond, humidity adsorption.
Nose bridge strip: Folded and sewn in the fabric close to it
Earbands: elastic.
Features: anti-fog, anti-splash, water / breathable, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and safe.

Package list:
Simple OPP packing

Please Note:
1.The fabric in the material pack for DIY kit is cutted already for each single face coverings.
2. Manual measurement may have error of 0-1cm in measurement. Color may vary from monitor to monitor .
3. Note: These are non-finished material for DIY purpose , you need to complete yourself . If you are not familiar with fabric crafting , please not bid. Please read carefully before buying. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email.

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