May 29, 2020 2 min read

Many people like mechanical watches because they can feel the beauty of mechanical operations. In spare time, people can manually wind the clock to experience the running of time and listen to the creaking sound of moving gears. However, these hobbyist often encounter a problem. They don't know how to handle so many miniatures mechanical watch parts. And how to adjust the time or calendar ? After all, there are countless small parts inside, which may damage the movement if you are not careful. The old master will talk to you about the method of mechanical watch adjustment.

 The allowable error of a general mechanical watch is about 30 seconds per day. The specific error depends on the movement used by the watch. If there are explicit error standards in the watch manual, it should be used as the basis. Standards should be based on national standards. Because the error is relatively large compared to quartz watches, the adjustment of mechanical watches is particularly important. 

Time discrepancy for different type of mechanical watches

1. Excellent type(seconds / day) -20 ~ + 30 -30 ~ + 40
2. First class type(seconds / day) -30 ~ + 60 -40 ~ + 80
3. Pass Standard type(second / day) -50 ~ + 90 -90 ~ + 120

Quartz watches are generally + -15 seconds / month

1. Excellent type(seconds / day) -0.5 ~ + 0.5
2. First class (seconds / day) -1.0 ~ + 1.0
3. Pass (second / day) -1.5 ~ + 1.5

When is the time to tune the watch during the day ?

1. Please do not adjust the date at 22 o'clock-2 o'clock, (20 o'clock-4 o'clock in some watches), it is easy to cause damage to the watch and incorrect calendar jump. In other words, the mechanical laboratory afternoon laboratory recommends that you try to adjust the time during the day.

2. In order to prolong the service life of watches, many watches use the slow jump method, which is to gradually jump around the midnight time period. Generally, the jump is completed before 2 am, and some watches are completed until 4 am.

3. If the calendar jumps during the day, you can adjust it. If you find that the calendar jumps around noon during the day, the watch is usually 12 hours faster and slower. For example, it is actually 11 am, but the watch is 11 pm the day before You only need to turn the watch's hour hand one turn to change the afternoon to the morning. This situation is relatively common, with a 50% chance, ha.

4). Generally, the watch needs to be dialed clockwise during time adjustment, not counterclockwise. Dialing the watch counterclockwise can easily cause the deviation of the pointer of the watch (the quartz two-pin dial should be counterclockwise). Pay special attention to this point. Generally speaking, if it is worn with the left hand and adjusted with the right hand, turning it forward is clockwise.

5. Different styles of watches are adjusted in different ways, but when adjusting a watch with calendar function, it is necessary to consider the factors of morning and afternoon.