1) Are you experience seller to buyers in Noth America and Europe ?

Definitely, we have sold to these places more than a decade .


2) Any local return address ? Do you need pay the return postage ?

We do not encourage to return as we try our best to deliver best product we have . If you are not sure with sizes, please contact us first . Still we provide local return addresses in Europe and US , currently we have one in Germany , one in United Kingdom, one in USA, and our headquarter address is in Hong Kong. We will provide you return address and RMA no. (return merchandize no. ) on request. And yes, you have to responsible for the postage fee of the return parcel.


3) Any customs tax required ?

We ship to North America, most places of Europe and few Asian countries . In most cases, customs tax has been taken care by us if there is any . And if you find you need to pay the customs tax, please contact us . We will reimburse it . But in our experience , it is very rare .