Loose front shoulder comic girl Japanese fonts prints gray white short sleeves T-shirt

Brand: Riberry
Item No.: M2495
Size: S M L  ( refer to size info )
Color: gray , white
Material: pure cotton (21 combs )

Particular: Anime Cartoon Girls Prints

Size Info (cm) ( please allow 1-3cm manual measurement error )
S:  Bust 52 * 2, length 64, shoulder 37-38
M: Bust 54 * 2, length 66, shoulder 39-40
L:   Bust 56 * 2, length 68, shoulder 41-42

Washing Instruction:
because it is a cotton product , please wash with care . Don't bleach . Don't use hot water. If wash in washing machine, use a laundry bag.

Because everyone's measurement methods may be different / the goods may be flexible, the size data provided on the page cannot be completely accurate and there are errors, which are only for approximate reference. After the fabric is pre shrunk, the shrinkage rate of 3% - 5% is generally in line with the standard. Improper washing methods such as hot water washing / long soaking / special lotion / drying may lead to greater shrinkage, which is a big taboo for the washing of cotton products.

No matter how expensive cotton products are, they can't carry the improper washing, and the cotton is easy to wrinkle. The wrinkle state after washing must be smaller than normal, so it needs to be ironed and flattened. When ironing, pay attention not to ironing at high temperature, which may also lead to cotton shrinkage.

Disadvantages of this product: cotton has many disadvantages, such as no wrinkle resistance, no deformation and easy aging, which are the attribute disadvantages of cotton itself. Generally, the higher the cotton content, the more obvious the disadvantages are. Cotton needs to be taken care of, and it is better to wear it after ironing. If you think it is very difficult to take care of the iron, please avoid the cotton material. The cotton will shrink and wrinkle after washing. If it is dried, it may be scrapped directly. 
Cotton just needs to be taken care of before wearing. Not every fabric can keep beautiful easily.

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